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We’re Publishing These Doomed Isles!

We’re excited to announce we’re working with developer Triplevision Games to release These Doomed Isles on Steam in summer 2023.

Raise Islands from the sea!

Inspired by classic god games, survival city-builders and roguelike deck-builders, in These Doomed Isles you’ll craft your deck of cards to raise islands from the sea, build settlements for your followers and keep them alive as famine threatens, forests burn and raiders loom on the horizon.

These Doomed Isles at EGX 2022

The Fireshine team took These Doomed Isles to EGX 2022 in London last week, and we had a great time showcasing the game to players. A big thanks to everyone at the event who took time to play the demo, and also those who played from home as part of the Tacticon event! Feedback is super helpful, especially when it comes to indie games, and we’re looking forward to being able to release a brilliant game next year.

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