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Core Keeper introduces Dedicated servers & Reveals first details on its first major update: The Sunken Sea.

Pugstorm and Fireshine Games are thrilled to announce that a new update for Core Keeper is now available, introducing official dedicated server support to the hit 1-8 player mining sandbox adventure.

Starting today, Core Keeper players will be able to open their own dedicated servers, allowing them to host multiplayer worlds that can be accessed at any time, alongside this the update brings back the community requested scrap repair mechanic, and introduces a new reinforcement mechanic on top whilst introducing the highly requested tool upgrades for farming in larger areas!

Pugstorm also today revealed the first official news on its first major update, The Sunken Sea. Players can be excited for a wide variety of new features, including a brand-new water themed biome with boats to traverse it, multiple new enemy types, a new boss and new tools and equipment to bolster the players as they ready themselves for the new challenges ahead. The Sunken Sea will also feature new types of ore, fish, plants and food and some other highly requested features such as teleporting across large areas, gardening sprinklers and map markers!

Set up your new servers with friends and stock up on resources as you prepare to face the new challenges that lie ahead in the Sunken Sea!

Check out the patch notes for more information on todays updates, and check the steam post for more information on dedicated servers and what is to come with The Sunken Sea!
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