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Silt Monolith at Trafalgar Square as part of London Games Festival

London Games Festival kicked off this weekend with an ensemble of artworks including a monolith dedicated to Silt

London’s ten-day citywide celebration of video games has returned and kicking it off this weekend a selection of video games on black monoliths were placed in Trafalgar Square, among these was a monolith dedicated entirely to upcoming deep-sea puzzler Silt. Featuring the eerie hand-crafted artwork of Tom Mead, Silt is an upcoming underwater adventure game set in a dark, harrowing abyss, you will possess different sea creatures to solve environmental puzzles as you uncover the ancient mysteries held deep within the darkness.

Whilst the Monoliths are now down, London Games Festival is still continuing with other events you can find on the festival website including the new event W.A.S.D. which we will be attending and would love you to come along and have a chance to play Silt!

Attending the event will give the chance to get involved with other games, events, goodies and competitions you can find out about here.

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