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Abermore Launches Today on Steam!

Abermore has launched today on Steam and purchases before April 5th will also receive a 10% discount!

Abermore is an all-new first person stealth RPG created by the development team behind 10 Second Ninja X, you will fulfil the role of an unscrupulous thief preparing for the ultimate royal robbery over an 18-day period, building up your reputation and convincing your group of ragtag crooks that you are devious enough to lead a grand heist!
During your playthrough you will find the opportunity to steal valuable loot to sell to fences in the Black Market to buy improved weapons or get creative with more ‘unconventional’ tools of the trade. Find tarot cards to discover unique and supernatural powers to gain the upper hand during a heist, form precious alliances and seduce aristocrats all whilst evading detection whilst planning to plunder the Royal Palace!
The team behind Abermore wanted to let players take a broad approach to completing their objectives and to test their improvisation skills when things don’t go to plan. The player has the opportunity to take on countless unique quests where thousands of randomized elements mean no two levels or playthroughs are ever the same.

Grab a copy of Abermore on Steam now to receive the opening week discount!


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